What to expect from an annual service

The service itself usually lasts no more than an hour. Although it doesn’t take very long, it’s an essential part of ensuring your boiler continues running properly.

I will firstly remove its casing to look at each component. iam trained to notice anything out of the ordinary and will pay close attention to any possible damage from corrosion and weak points. i will then check a number of things to ensure they are working as they should be and for wear and tear, including:

  • Water and gas pipes
  • Seals
  • Safety devices
  • Electrical connections
  • Gas pressure and flow
  • Flue test
  • Fans and other essential components of the system

I will then give your boiler a clean where needed and return the casing. You’ll be presented with a boiler service report, detailing what has been done alongside any recommendations for future maintenance. Your service should always be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered professional.